Future Technologies are There…?

The world as we know it now and the world a few centuries ago are two different things in many ways: technologies, society, economics, politics etc. A few decades ago people couldn’t imagine 3D printed objects, they would have called crazy anyone who believed in Trump’s victory, and they barely had thought autopiloted cars were going to be a thing. Now it’s all real.
I’m not going to discuss the reasons and the possible effects of USA elections’ results, because I’m neither informed enough nor educated enough to do so. I want to look at 3D printing and autopiloted cars as ones of the most important innovations of the modern technology.
First, what is 3D printing? Well, according to 3D printing website (http://3dprinting.com/what-is-3d-printing/), it is the process of turning any virtual design into real object through the 3D printer. It all starts with a special created CAD, or Computer Aided Design, that is divided into hundreds of layers. This is called “slicing”. After that 3D printer is ready to produce the final copy slice by slice, and it can be done through the WiFi, USB or SD. The perspectives of 3D printing cover a wide range of production – from shoes to houses. For example, Mr. Lavars in his article “Adidas launches its first 3D-printed shoes” talks about new model of Adidas running shoes that are produced by 3D printers ( http://newatlas.com/3d-printed-adidas-public/46929/). The author mentions other famous sport brands – Nike, Under Armour and New Balance, that also have tried this technology.
Second, what are the autopiloted cars? Autopiloted cars are actually semi-autopiloted cars, that still need drivers. After the carcrash of one of the autopiloted Tesla cars, there are going to be stricter rules about autopilot mode. For example, in Germany, transport minister Mr.Dobrindt explained the concept of three rules similar to the three laws of robotics from Isaac Asimov’s books. According to these rules, manufacturer is responsible for all the possible damages and the driver’s life is very important. Mike Brown, the author of the article “Germany Outlines Three Laws of Robotics for Self-Driving Cars” thinks that the these kind of rules may result in dispute of how much awareness does the driving require.
3D printing and autopilot cars are the kind of innovations that can lead humanity to the brighter future. And even though there is a bit of concern about these inventions, the list of advantages, including the easiness and usefulness, is going to outweigh all the disadvantages.

Procrastination (part 2)

As a student that procrastinates sometimes, I end up being stressed and annoyed by all the finals at the end of almost every semester. Since this has negative effects not on my mental health only but my friends and siblings’ health as well, I’ve recently became very interested in the ways of motivating myself to do work several days before the deadline. I’ve read the Robert Maurer’s book and after that I accidentally came across the TED lecture “The Puzzle of Motivation” by Dan Pink. Thus, I’ve decided to awrite about two main motivation principles.
Firstly, it is important to divide the work onto smaller parts, also known as steps. This method is explained in Maurer’s book in details. The author believes, that procrastination is a protective reaction of the mind – a fear of a possible failure triggers it. To avoid the fear it is important to split the work into smaller pieces. For example, to understand what the big goal is and write a plan for it for the limited period of time. It is called kaizen, and the whole book guides the reader through it. By the way, it was recommended to read only one page – or even sevarl lines a day, so it was really easy to read.
Secondly, it is important to know clearly what your final goal is. This method was dicussed in Mr,Pink’s lecture. He talked about lack of motivation problem. He also mentioned so called “candle problem” and the study based on it. The results of the study suggested, that the bigger reward for the right solution was the more time the observed people needed to find it. And vice-versa, in case there was no reward, people were able to come up with the right solution very fast. But when the solution was clear, all the participants were able to do it fast.

In conclusion, there are many methods of fighting with procrastination, and motivating yourself to work – is one of the best solutions. In order to motivate yourself it is important to split the work in smaller pieces and to make it clear for yourself what the final goal is. procrastination_full_155952698

Procrastination (part 1)

Brandon Gaille reports, that “85-95% of students have problems associated with procrastination” (Gaille, 2013). Procrastination is the huge problem of modern days generation, since young people prefer to waste their time on nothing instead of using it properly. Procrastination makes an impact on the whole life of a person, since it influences his work activity, family relations, social activity and health. It causes many difficulties, as procrastinator puts himself into stressful situations. His/her school or university grades, physical and mental health, relationships with family and friends, and self-esteem change to the worse. Due to the problems that procrastination results, students should take certain measures.
“In a 1997 survey, University of Denver School of Education professor Kathy Green, PhD, found that procrastination was one of the top reasons doctoral students failed to complete their dissertations” (as cited in Novotney, 2015, para.3). Procrastinators make their life unbearable, because they cannot or they do not want to manage their time. Firstly, unable to do work in time, student or labor tries to work as fast as he/she can, which leads to many mistakes. Secondly, due to stress, procrastinating person cannot do the given task thoroughly, and his effectiveness decreases. Thirdly, his relations with people change to the worse. The effect of all listed above is that man loses his/her self-esteem.
One of the possible solutions for the issue is wise time management. As the main problem of procrastinators is time wasted on useless things, it would be very clever to plan the next day or the whole week. Firstly, all student needs is some time. Secodnly, student may take control over his schedule, correcting it when it is needed. Thirdly, the strict limitations on some certain activities help to make character stronger and they discipline mind of a person.
The second possible solution for this problem is strong motivation. If student is motivated by the parents or friends example, or if he/she wants to maintain goal, he/she will probably do anything. Firstly, supported by the close people, student may stop wasting his time and start doing work due deadline. Secondly, he may need help of other students, which means that his communication skills would get better. Thirdly, his parents would be proud of him, and his self-esteem would increase.
The procrastination problem is familiar to everyone. It takes free time and energy, and brings many difficulties to people. Procrastination has negative effects on different life sides, it may harm student’s relations with the closest people, it causes low grades and health problems, and it may result depression and anxiety. There are at least two possible solutions of the issue; procrastinators themselves are responsible for them. The first solution is time managing, and the second is good motivation. Both have negative and positive sides, but the best solution is to combine those two.


Video Games Instead of School

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQXEbInNg5c Maria Cipollone
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nit_pSerKtY  Jan Plass and Bruce Homer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x5ELgieOMU  Constance Steinkuehler

The most recent studies prove that video games can be used as educational tools. The modern education system has many imperfections; it limits students’ natural abilities and makes them think “inside the box”. However, video games can be a solution to this problem.
According to the studies, done by Mr.Plass and Dr. Cipollone as a part of their researches, video games make a positive impact on gamers’ analytical skills as well as on their psychological health. It was proven that computer games increase self-esteem and team-working skills. They also help students to remember learning material for a longer time than usual. The results of the researches on connection between video games and learning abilities of the students were presented in three videos – Video Games and Literacy, Video Games and the Future of Learning and the Problem with Video Games and Learning. All the lecturers emphasized in their lectures that video games develop cognitive and analytical skills. Besides, gamers have higher self-esteem and motyivation, as they play till the end. Lastly, the lecturers stated that video games are much more interesting for the students than the usual school program.

The question is – what games give students that school cannot give?

Firstly, schools do not teach XXI century skills, and video games do. XXI century skills are – ability to cooperate, to be creative and to work in teams. Those skills are essential in the modern world. Secondly, schools use one-size-fits-all approach, whuch means that teachers make no difference between the students. The material is taught by the same way to every kid, even though every kid needs personal approach. Thirdly, video game makes gamer feel special, because it often offers a special mission – to save the world, to build a town and so on.


There are many educational games – some of them were created for computers, consoles, others – for phones and tablets. For example, Minecraft is a kind of computer game that calls for creativity and demands some general landscape knowledge. It develops creativity. Angry birds can be an example of mobile game, that teaches gamers basics of physics and geometry.

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There is a huge amount of different video games so that every gamer in the world can find the one that fits him/her.

Video Games Can Change the World


Video games can make kids smarter and healthier, suggest different study results. Even though parents around the world tend to blame computer games for growing illiteracy and aggressive behavior rates, results prove otherwise.

Daphne Bavelier in her speech “Your brain on video games” talks about the advantages of game playing. She states, video gamers have better vision that allows them to differ several shades of grey, which may be helpful while driving in the fog, and read small prints. She also says that gamers have better concentration than non-gamers.

The other speaker, Jane McGonigal, a game designer, believes that gamers are able to change the world and to solve global problems. Gamers are motivated better than non-gamers and failures barely can stop them. In real world every failure becomes an obstacle. She thinks that gamer’s motivation transferred into the real world may solve global problems – hunger, wars, political and economical crisis, etc.
Both speakers recognize that binge game playing may be harmful for people as well as any other kind of activity – for example, binge eating or binge drinking.

In conclusion,computer games have many positive effects not only on individual players but the whole world. Video games increase intellectual abilities of the gamers and motivate them to win.

Snow Leopards are in Danger





Over the last few years the number of snow leopards has drastically fallen all over the world due to several factors. However, since snow leopard is a symbol of Kazakhstan, it is very important to conserve the animal in the country.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, snow leopard is a large cat “of upland central Asia with long heavy grayish-white fur irregularly marked with brownish-black spots, rosettes, and rings”. It lives in eleven countries –  Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. The main causes of the snow leopard extinction in Kazakhstan are poaching, illegal killings, loss of habitat and prey and climate change. Since these factors are connected to each other, preventive actions in Kazakhstan should cover all of them together. There are approximately seven thousands of them left in the world, but it is impossible to determine the exact number. Snow leopards 2-4 thousand meters above the sea level and avoid populated areas. They are absolutely harmless to people, snow leopards are not able to attack human due to their psychology.

The main prey of the animal is mountain goat, but nit laso preys on the cattle. That is why it is important to protect snow leopard’s natural prey as well – so that herdsmen wouldn’t be forced to protect their cattle. The government of Kazakhstan has taken sevral measures to save snow leopards. Firstly, snow leopards are protected by the law, as under the criminal law illegal hunting is punished by five hundred monthly assessment indices. Secondly, several governmental and non-governmental organizations in Kazakhstan started their protection projects, such as Irbis and Snow Leopard Protection Project.  Thirdly, Kazakhstan has ten wildlife sanctuaries, and snow leopards enhabit two of them – Almaty and Aksu-Zhabagly.

Despite all the taken ,easures, the number of snow leopards in Kazakhstan keeps falling, and it is the citizens’ responsibility to take measures.