Future Technologies are There…?

The world as we know it now and the world a few centuries ago are two different things in many ways: technologies, society, economics, politics etc. A few decades ago people couldn’t imagine 3D printed objects, they would have called crazy anyone who believed in Trump’s victory, and they barely had thought autopiloted cars were going to be a thing. Now it’s all real.
I’m not going to discuss the reasons and the possible effects of USA elections’ results, because I’m neither informed enough nor educated enough to do so. I want to look at 3D printing and autopiloted cars as ones of the most important innovations of the modern technology.
First, what is 3D printing? Well, according to 3D printing website (http://3dprinting.com/what-is-3d-printing/), it is the process of turning any virtual design into real object through the 3D printer. It all starts with a special created CAD, or Computer Aided Design, that is divided into hundreds of layers. This is called “slicing”. After that 3D printer is ready to produce the final copy slice by slice, and it can be done through the WiFi, USB or SD. The perspectives of 3D printing cover a wide range of production – from shoes to houses. For example, Mr. Lavars in his article “Adidas launches its first 3D-printed shoes” talks about new model of Adidas running shoes that are produced by 3D printers ( http://newatlas.com/3d-printed-adidas-public/46929/). The author mentions other famous sport brands – Nike, Under Armour and New Balance, that also have tried this technology.
Second, what are the autopiloted cars? Autopiloted cars are actually semi-autopiloted cars, that still need drivers. After the carcrash of one of the autopiloted Tesla cars, there are going to be stricter rules about autopilot mode. For example, in Germany, transport minister Mr.Dobrindt explained the concept of three rules similar to the three laws of robotics from Isaac Asimov’s books. According to these rules, manufacturer is responsible for all the possible damages and the driver’s life is very important. Mike Brown, the author of the article “Germany Outlines Three Laws of Robotics for Self-Driving Cars” thinks that the these kind of rules may result in dispute of how much awareness does the driving require.
3D printing and autopilot cars are the kind of innovations that can lead humanity to the brighter future. And even though there is a bit of concern about these inventions, the list of advantages, including the easiness and usefulness, is going to outweigh all the disadvantages.