Procrastination (part 2)

As a student that procrastinates sometimes, I end up being stressed and annoyed by all the finals at the end of almost every semester. Since this has negative effects not on my mental health only but my friends and siblings’ health as well, I’ve recently became very interested in the ways of motivating myself to do work several days before the deadline. I’ve read the Robert Maurer’s book and after that I accidentally came across the TED lecture “The Puzzle of Motivation” by Dan Pink. Thus, I’ve decided to awrite about two main motivation principles.
Firstly, it is important to divide the work onto smaller parts, also known as steps. This method is explained in Maurer’s book in details. The author believes, that procrastination is a protective reaction of the mind – a fear of a possible failure triggers it. To avoid the fear it is important to split the work into smaller pieces. For example, to understand what the big goal is and write a plan for it for the limited period of time. It is called kaizen, and the whole book guides the reader through it. By the way, it was recommended to read only one page – or even sevarl lines a day, so it was really easy to read.
Secondly, it is important to know clearly what your final goal is. This method was dicussed in Mr,Pink’s lecture. He talked about lack of motivation problem. He also mentioned so called “candle problem” and the study based on it. The results of the study suggested, that the bigger reward for the right solution was the more time the observed people needed to find it. And vice-versa, in case there was no reward, people were able to come up with the right solution very fast. But when the solution was clear, all the participants were able to do it fast.

In conclusion, there are many methods of fighting with procrastination, and motivating yourself to work – is one of the best solutions. In order to motivate yourself it is important to split the work in smaller pieces and to make it clear for yourself what the final goal is. procrastination_full_155952698


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