Harry Potter and Me

The first book that i decided to read by myself and that wasn’t included in a required school literature list was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was the second part of “Harry Potter” series written by J.K.Rowling, one of my favorite authors of all times. From the moment I opened the book and to the moment i turned the last page and read the last lines I was absolutely consumed with the magic world of Harry and his friends. I’ve read it when I was in second grade because my mother had decided it was time for me to read something beside school books. At that time I had absolutely no desire for reading this – or any other – book. But J.K.Rowling has changed my views and since then I dream of becoming a writer and writing beautiful stories.
I have never been obsessed with the series, I cannot call myself a great fan of “Harry Potter” but i really do love the story and the heroes. All the characters from the books became close to me, even the ones I hated once – Bellatrix, Umbridge, Wormtail and, of course, Drako-My-Dad-Will-Know-About-This Malfoy. The books taught me the most important lessons – to be brave, to stay loyal to your friends, to never underestimate your enemies and to understand the importance of love. I believe that every book we ever read influence us in some ways. I know that Harry Potter series has shaped my character throughout all this years – I was eight  when I started my journey into magic world and now I’m nineteen and still love the series.
In conclusion, I’m really grateful that this book appeared in my life the right time. I’ve read a lot of other great books since then, but it may never been a case if there wasn’t this book.harry-potter-philosophers-stone


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