Why readers prefer online Media over print

Borrowed from https://region1onlinejourn.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/online-journalism-a-threat-to-print-media/

With the invention of internet Mass Media started to slowly move from real world to online, and that causes prind periodicals to fade away. It may be relevant to the conflict of generations, as the author of “Tutorial: The Transition To Digital Journalism” (https://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/digital-transform/) suggests, because old people more like to read print newspapers than online ones, and young people conversely read web articles much more often than print. In order to stick with the time and to save clients, many news organizations created their own websites with the freelance journalists posting articles online. Another solution for the issue is to set up a continuous news desk with “round-the-clock breaking news for the web”, for example, New York Times.

Even though online and classic journalism have many things in common, they are very different from each other at some points. Jason Steele, an author of the article “6 Ways Digital Journalism is Very Different from Print Journalism”, recognizs six of them: hooks, length, sourcing, accountability, pitching and pay. When the article is posted on the Web there are many other differen links to the articles are being attached to the main one, and that helps to attract attention of the public – that is the first difference of online journalism. The second difference is the legth of the article: on the Web they are mostly short. Sourcing and accountability are related in online journalism, because the author of the article doesn’t have to prove his or her words by citing authority, and yet every online journalist has to be ready for different types of commments (unlike the worker of the print Media, where the readers communicate directly with editors. The fifth one is pitching: in online periodicals journalists are expected to put quantity higher than quality. The last one is pay, and web journalists make money every day, while in print Media they have to wait till the end of the month. http://contently.net/2015/03/20/resources/6-ways-digital-journalism-different-print-journalism/

When it comes to advantages that online journalists have, there are eight of them, according to “8 key advantages web journalism has over print” (http://www.easymedia.in/8-key-advantages-web-journalism-print/). Web journalism is search based, it can be easily accessed any time, websites can be updated any time, they have no limits in space, “media site can go beyond news”, it provides many-to-many type of communocation, it can mix videos and text in one article. yhhhhhh


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