First blog post

Hello to everyone, my nickname is Prince Karming, but you can call me Damina. Why such an unusual nickname? Well, it seems fun, because everyone is familiar with the word karma, and it sounds like my instagram account, which is Hot Prince Charming (btw, you can check it on instagram if you want to).

Once again I’m going to write about my favourite education-directed website – TED. I use it whenever I need to understand new material presented in class, or to learn something new. This website is very useful, as it has different lectures on different topics, from video games to toilet paper (though I’m not so sure about the last one, but you never know). Some of the spekers are professional lecturers, and some of them are not, but the message in their speeches is always clear.

2534551796ee0a2638b462ce82e33b65091b1d42_1600x1200As I said, Ted lectures are a great help to me when I can’t understand something. The information is presented in videos mostly in english, and subtitles are available in many other languages. In addition, below the video there is a time organized script, which makes it easier for the users to understand the message and to make notes. What is amazing about this website is that all the invited speakers are specialists in the topic they  are talking about. And it’s always interesting – to hear somebody sharing his/her knowledges on the chosen topic, that’s why I love the Website.


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